once upon a time in the world

NT9A0339 as Smart Object-1
NT9A0339 as Smart Object-1

i am contributing to a one year photography project "once upon a time in the world".

i am beyond excited and a little bit giddy about this because there is some awesome talent in this group.

this group is scattered all over the US and even into Brazil, Belgium, and Canada!!

the idea is simple and fun, with only one rule....you must shoot at a certain hour each month.  So this month we share images anywhere from 7:15 am to 8:14 am.   i love seeing the differences of everyone's lives during this same time from a variety of places around the world!

i've been a little lax with shooting lately, so this is a great incentive for me.

the photo above is saylor just waking up (we are not morning people).

i hope you will follow along starting today and every 1st of the month with us.

Be sure to continue the fun and check out my amazingly talented friend Kellie Brindley Photography.  Her use of light is just stunning!