30a, florida and three little oceam bugs. | traveling photographer plano texas

     what can be said about our last adventure? unfortunately there are not enough words to describe the joy and togetherness we felt while we ran off to the ocean. the 12 hour car ride there seemed to go on forever and by no means was there a lack of "are we there yet?" by the girls and "why do we subject ourselves to these long car rides?" by us.... But no matter the gripes, complaints or whining the end result could not have been better... four days filled with the cool ocean breeze, four nights filled with adventures hunting crabs on the shore and sitting on the deck of our living accommodations listening to the frogs croak.

our little condo by the ocean. our temporary home away from home. this little seaside get away served as our hub. it was the helm of our ship. it was where we planned all of our adventures for the day, and most importantly it served as a playground for searsha... a new territory for her to explore. 

for skyley, the ocean was not about exploring... rather, she wanted to conquer... swim, jump, dive and splash. these are the only things that mattered to her during this trip. she became a sea bug, crashing and thrashing with the waves. the experience she took away from this adventure was that she is strong, she can handle the ever changing waves. she wanted to handle these waves and she did. she showed an amazing skill of swimming through the choppy waters when needed and pursued countless waves to test the adventure they carried. of course we were close by to grab her if needed, but we were merely observers watching this little girl conquer.

then there is saylor... our middle child. our sweet, curious little girl . she didn't care for the thrashing waves but rather the finds among the shore... seashells and waterlogged sticks. even the seagulls wanted to watch her probe the tides leading lines. everyday became a chance to find something new, something to spark a question or inspire a new investigation. 

what can be said about our ham of the sea? our booby baby? unfortunately I don't think there are enough words to describe the joy she felt playing in the sand watching her sisters conquer the tides or explore the coast. the joy we felt watching her experience these new feelings was was enough to make us swoon and contemplate trying for a fourth just so we could feel this way again. of course kris decided against that idea... 

till next time, till our next adventure, till our new set of feelings and experiences that ignite our senses and help us grow as a family. till we do what we love... travel. till we do what we love and be together. till we...