monument valley art is never finished | traveling photographer plano texas

another pit stop of our summer road trip. we had a wondrous time exploring the natural beauty of monument rocks, red mounts and cool summer air were all part of the adventure. we found rocks decorating the dust covered paths and were entertained by the steady flow of foot traffic also soaking in the expansive views of monument valley.

toyota sienna road trip

it was in this leg of our journey that we really began feeling bogged down by the long car ride and confined space. it had seemed on our trip between albuquerque, nm and monument valley ut that the walls of our little van were shrinking. every hour in this shrinking little van the air became less and less, fights were erupting between our girls, it was enough to pull our hair out. we were so ready to get to a hotel and relax, we were ready to decompress. by this time in our journey we had ventured over 1000 miles in two days. yes, the sites were amazing and our time together was unlike any other, but nonetheless, we needed air to breathe. it was at this point in our stop that we could decompress, we could explore and re-kindle that "family feel". after arriving at the valley, the girls had a sense of renewed friendship and renewed sisterhood. they jumped out of the van ready. they jumped out of the van happy.