water sprayer and baby butts a testamet to the final warm breeze of summer | lifestyle photography

in these final days of summer we are trying to find time for that last swim at the pool and enjoying the last drop of this summer's warm breeze. this first image is packed full of our family's personality. we celebrate the baby butt; we enjoy our ecstatic hounds involvement and over looming protection of our youngest. we encourage exploration of nature and feel inspired when they enjoy the little things.

"I am a swan with a black thing on my beak." this is the statement that our middle child Saylor said the minute she stepped into this old beat up kiddie pool. she was gone at this point, lost in her head, lost in the pretend land she projected across our yard as she flew from perch to perch and puddle to puddle.

then there is Skyley, the original pretender. now fairly grounded in reality, she still finds time to be lost in her own mind. she still finds time to pretend and we are so happy that we still get to watch and experience her creativity.

these final days of summer will prove to be our favorite. enjoying the sun, splashing in the waters we are going to miss you summer.