The Anchorage museum is approximately .6 miles from our apartment. Skyley had mentioned that she wanted to do something fun this weekend and we agreed! We all needed to have a little fun after our long week. So we loaded in to our car and made our way there! (yes... we should have walked...).

First and foremost the Muse Cafe snugly located inside the the museum has to be one of the best local eateries we have enjoyed. The food was meticulously prepared it was fresh, hot and tasty. It was amazing. All other restaurants will be compared to this cafe. Everyone was a fan, especially Searsha!

After filling our tummies, we made our way to the children's portion of the Anchorage museum, labeled the Imaginarium Discovery Center. We spent the majority of our time in this section. With the games and science explorations available for them to explore and participate in they were thoroughly amused and entertained.

After leaving the discovery center we made our way up, exploring each floor. The design and magnitude of each display was awe inspiring. Each floor was so creative and every piece of art was educational. These girls were learning while having fun! We will be returning.

Anchorage Alaska Documentary Photographers.