Anchorage AK traveling Seward HWY.

Today we decided to drive south; we wanted to do what we enjoy: explore. We bundled up in our white van and stopped for coffee, two 12oz mocha breves from the local Kaladi brothers and began our southward drive down the Seward hwy.

The roads were relatively clear of ice and slush; there wasn't anything our van couldn't handle. We drove down through avalanche warnings and inlet lookouts. We saw icy falls, snow covered mountains and the warm glow of the orange sun.

We made it to Girdwood, about 36 miles from Anchorage before we decided to stop and see the sights. We grabbed a refill of coffee from the local café and questioned the barista about local sledding hills for young kids. We were directed to the visitor center 3 miles up at the Alyeska ski resort visitor center. We made the short trip that way and admired the skiers flying down the mountain with ease. The girls were impressed... and scared. We assured them that we were not there for that, but that we would return to ski soon.

We asked for directions to a sledding hill and made our way to the nearest elementary school to conquer a slope, albeit a small slope. After throwing on the girls' snow pants, jackets, and gloves we began our sledding adventure. We lasted 20 minutes. It was cold.... Searsha was cranky and we realized the importance of a base layer. We though that we could get away with the bare necessities.... only, we thought that a base layer wasn't one of them. We were wrong. It maybe the most important one.

So we trekked back to the van. We had the girls strip off their snow pants, jackets, gloves and boots. We turned the heat up as high as it could go and we grumbled about why we need to buy better winter gear. Lauren had mentioned the 14 degree weather and I had mentioned that the cold didn't bother me. She had her bare feet against the vents as if she was worried frostbite was soon to set in. We both could hear the musical chatter the girls teeth were making as the heater warmed up.

We made our way back to Anchorage where our first stop was Costco. We purchased a base layer for each child and ourselves among a few other items we needed. It was a good day.