It's finally done.  This project has been lingering for so long now. 

We have been working intermittently on this for an embarrassingly long amount of time now.  It is a documentation of Searsha (our youngest daughter)'s time in the NICU and her first birthday.  We had hopes of making it longer, with more of a documentation of her first year, but seeing as how it took this long....that was just too ambitious.

We have sooo many more short personal videos we want to make and believe me, we have the footage to do it.  From our travels, to just simple moments at's all worth documenting.  So, we have made it one of our goals to catch up on those.  But for now check this out....

As always, thanks for looking!  Obviously, these moments are close to our heart and even a little hard to watch.  But, I have to thank Kris for taking the time and committing to getting this footage, despite what we were going through at the time.  It reminds me that even the hard stuff is worth remembering.