Rustic goat, frozen lake and sledding in fresh powder.

We spent the weekend eating, exploring and most importantly.... drinking coffee!!

To start our weekend we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at the Rustic Goat in Anchorage. Let me tell you... they know how to make a mocha breve, it was by far the best in the city we have had so far. That barista gets an A+ from us for sure. We drank our coffee while the girls warmed up by the fire while sipping on hot cocoa. It made for a very relaxing Friday night.

Saturday we ended up sleeping in until 11, it was glorious. With our new schedule things are pretty crazy. Kris has to be at work by 7:30, Skyley needs to be across town for school by 8:30, Saylor has speech therapy three times a week from 1 to 3:30 and Skyley needs to be picked up at 3 and Kris at 6. Needless to say.. the fact that we only have one car right now really puts a damper on quiet school days. Sleeping in was nice :)

The Woman's march took place on Saturday. We want to say that we stand with our children and every woman that marched on Saturday. Woman are strong, woman deserve to be treated as equals and we deserve the right to own our bodies and do with them as we see fit. Our daughters will be taught respect and independence. They will not be taught to support misogyny, racism or other disrespectful attitudes towards people...  I will step down off of my soap box before I get suds everywhere... We support pink hats and free woman.

Sunday....MORE COFFEE.