We have been cooped up for the last 2-3 weeks. It has been cold, very cold. At times it dipped to -20!! And for us that's cold!!

Skyley has been enjoying her time at school, she has so many friends and new experiences.. She is adjusting very well to her change of scenery. She is attending the Anchorage Waldorf school and let me tell you... its amazing! We will have to do a separate blog post on her school... We are so happy for her... she can be a kid and enjoy the little things while learning. This school really gets her...

While Skyley is at school the other two, Saylor and Searsha, have been a little stir crazy. We can only have so many horse weddings before we need to get out and play. Trust me it was time for a change in scenery.

I am sure after we adjust to our new climate things will be different. I am sure we will "warm up" to it all....

Saylor and Searsha.... they melt my heart.

Saylor and Searsha.... they melt my heart.