Winter snow storm, Dallas transplants in Alaska's beauty

It's snowing tonight. The temperature is snugly resting between 4 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is cold and hard to believe that people can get used to this frigged temp.  It's also Friday, our day as a family to cuddle on the couch, binge watch movies and snack on tacos or other treats we have available. It was after the movie tonight that we shut the lights off and opened our living room windows to gaze at the flurries swishing in the wind.

We stared out the window for what felt like thirty minutes when in reality it was merely five minutes. This period of quiet was broken by the soft chatter of our middle child. She suggested that we head outside to feel the snow. We took her advice and began bundling up. Of course we grabbed our camera gear to document their curiosities.

Once outside, the girls began sinking their feet into the soft white powder that now covered the driveway. The snow was still falling and the girls enjoyed it. They attempted to catch it with their months. They were happy. It was enjoyable for about 10 minutes before they realized just how cold it truly was. It seemed that we ran inside just as quickly as we ran outside.  

Even though this outing only lasted a short while it was still magical. We had fun and we were together. This was a new experience for the girls and we loved watching them live. This is why we are here, this is why we jumped on the chance to move across the country. It is for the experiences we are sure to have, it is for the bond we as a family are sure to make.