When you are in Alaska, be Alaskan.

Whoa, that's the feeling we had coursing through our veins during our last trek. We traversed through an ice cave, felt glacial feels and hopped through low flowing creeks to get to our latest destination. Let me be the first to say... this sounds absurd. I totally get it. But our short trek to Byron Glacier outside of Portage, Ak was all of the above and more.

The serine views and expansive sights have left an overwhelming thought in our heads, 'how can life get better?'. The sheer magnitude of things we have experienced so far in Alaska will forever be embedded into our mind, and hopefully our children's.

Byron Glacier

These are two of the best kids a parent could ask for. These two are so close, they exude happiness. They are always ready for an adventure, always ready for our next crazy idea. And dare I say it? They are now coming up with their own crazy ideas. They are compiling a list of things they want to see, places they want to go. These two rock.

Searsha, the one who is unsure.

Searsha Capri, our newest little adventurer. Our skeptical traveler. She may be the smartest one of us. She is still unsure about the world around her but she is learning fast. She is head strong and full of power, she may be the most level headed one of the bunch. She is such a kind soul.