Free Printable | St. Patrick's Day Lucky Sign

As photographers, we are always taking pictures of our kids and any holiday is a great excuse to do something fun and different (especially St. Patrick's Day!).  We are usually at a loss when it comes to what to do special for the kids on St. Patrick's Day...and we also want to document this time and remember what day it was.  So, we thought it would be fun to make a festive sign that can double as a decoration and a photo prop.

The picture below is my oldest and my youngest.  Having a fun sign in the picture really incentivized them both to cooperate for at least a few minutes for pictures and when we were done, we hung it on the wall.

We have made this fun sign available for you to print!  It is available as a pdf.  After you print and cut all the letters out, simply use a craft glue to adhere to some twine.  Hang on the wall and you're done!  (Or use it as enticement for photo cooperation like we did.)

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Sign

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