Anchorage Alaska Kincaid Park | Anchorage Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

Our recent outing took us to the coast. More specifically it took us to the banks of the Cook Inlet that buds against Kincaid Park in Anchorage. As documentary lifestyle photographers we were in heaven with the amazing sky and pristine opportunities we could document.


Kincaid Park

The lighting was ideal, the mountains views were amazing and the weather was a cool 45 degrees. 45 degrees sounds cold but it was such a nice change from the cooler temperatures we have come to expect this winter. I guess winter is finally over around here... And we are A'ok with that!

Anchorage Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

The hike from our car to the shore took us about 45 minutes. It was a winding trail still covered in packed snow. When Kris or the girls strayed from the trail they quickly found themselves knee deep in powdery snow. Overall it was an eventful hike. We do regret not taking more images on our way to the shore...

Willaby Bonnet

Of course Saylor insisted that she needed to wear her blue bonnet, and we couldn't say no. That and she persisted to fill her Totoro backpack to the brim with rocks. She must have carried 10 pounds of rocks around with her before we made her choose her 5 favorite and to put the rest back.

Anchorage Alaska Kincaid Park.

We highly recommend hiking around Kincaid Park! It will be a frequent spot for us as the weather warms up!