Anchorage Alaska Zoo | Documentary Lifestyle Photographer Anchorage

Anchorage so many activities for young families to take advantage of. With all of this winter weather we often find ourselves stuck inside with out the simplest idea of where to go or what to experience! While navigating the vast list of activities tagged with, "activities to do with children in Anchorage". One of the most obvious popped up! "Take a trip to the zoo," one article read. And Kris and I immediately looked at each other with that look of, "why didn't we think of that?" So we gathered up our eager children and made way for the Anchorage zoo.

Of course we grabbed a camera and an assortment of lens to take with us. We drove the short distance to the Zoo, only 11 miles. We got out of the car and were hit with the obvious truth that is Alaska. It was 22 degrees and we were not prepared for this degree of cold, again... So Kris remembered his secret stash of hand warmers tucked under a seat in the back of our van. He loaded each kid up with an assortment of toe, hand and heated soul warmers and we headed for the gate. 

After fumbling to gear up and squeezing our stroller through the entrance we were off. We began by documenting our family as we "oooo'd" and "aaaa'd" over the vast selection of animals this little zoo had to offer. It didn't take long for the girls to find their favorite animals.

Skyley was amazed by their selection of birds, eagles and owls. She exclaimed that her spirit animal was a golden eagle.

Saylor was less concerned with the fowl, her interest was more a kin to the towering muskox, caribou and reindeer. She was pleased with the assortment and spent most of the day imitating one or the other.

Searsha must have felt somewhat in awe towards the massive brown bears lounging in their enclosure. Aside from the occasional peaks of interest she was rather quiet and happy to just sit and watch as we pushed her stroller around.

Of course we couldn't shake the sheer fact that it was cold, we were cold and did we mention it was cold? We had to find indoor shelter on many occasions just warm our feet. Kris made a great decision to wear a pair of linen Toms he has had for years. He said he didn't have many chances to wear them in Alaska and wanted to take them out for a spin... Lets just say it wasn't the girls complaining of cold feet during this outing. We stopped in for coffee at the concession booth at the zoo... luckily it was indoors.

Our second indoor warm up happened towards the end of our day trip. We stopped in their discovery center which was no bigger than a small camping cabin. It was simply divine. All of the neat artifacts, pictures and displays that explained the history of the zoo and its many exhibits. It was definitely the highlight of this outing. We couldn't help but conduct our own little lifestyle session in this little discovery cabin!