Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center | Anchorage Alaska Lifestyle Photographer

What a day... what a field trip! Skyley attends the Anchorage Waldorf School and we were welcomed to attend them to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We packed a light lunch and loaded into our van and began the short 45 minute trip to the center.

As we drove Kris and I were discussing with the girls which animals we were most excited to see.  Skyley was interested in watching the bald eagle, she feels that eagles (golden in particular) are her spirit animals. In turn Saylor wanted to see a turtle because she believes that is more a kin to her. Both points seemed valid to Kris and I. Frankly we can see the similarities between each child and their chosen animals. Skyley is our fierce independent child and Saylor is our wise and patient child, with a tendency to snap! The only problem... We wont see any turltes on this trip.

It was at this point in our conversation that we all collectively decided that Searsha was probably a moose. Always eating, quick to charge and rather clumsy. With that being said, she is an absolute cutie!!

Kris + Lauren Lifestyle Photographer

Saylor puddle jumping

After our trip to the conservation center we made our way to the Beluga Point on the Seward HWY.