Baxter Bog Park | Anchorage Alaska Lifestyle photographer

A mere 2 minute walk from our front door is a 10 acre parcel of land known as Baxter Bog Park,  a wildlife haven nestled in behind our neighborhood. This location creates a great opportunity for family walks! There are birds fluttering around and a lake to gaze at. We have hiked around this park a number of times and there has yet to be a dull moment. 

Saylor is rocking her rag curls and spends a great deal of time finding rocks or other tiny little "treasures". At one point in our adventure she lost her pink plant bud and it broke her heart. She shed a tear and had to stop to collect her feelings. It was hard to see her so sad, but she quickly moved on to another "treasure". 

Searsha was less involved in finding little rocks and things, she just wanted to keep up with the pace of her older sisters. At times she's in a full on run (as much as an 18 month old could). She was happy to be in the sun and we were happy to step back and let her be herself.

Skyley decided to stray away from the camera, she is in that time of her childhood where she is much more aware of herself and what we are doing. Needless to say, she chose when we could take photographs of her, and that's ok!

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