Kenai Fjords | Anchorage Alaska lifestyle photographer part 1

The Kenai Fjords, where mountains, ice and ocean meet ( 

I woke up this morning and looked at Lauren still sleeping, the sun had just barely began creeping into our room when I had a thought: Seward, whales and Skyley's 8th birthday. I whispered to Lauren that it was time for one of our notorious spur of the moment, 'give it all you got", rip off from Aladdin (reach your hand out) "do you trust me?" moments. I saw her smile and I knew it was a go. I explained that we needed to drive and she said, "ok". She is so perfect for me.

We spent the next hour packing a bag. We quickly realized that these trips are harder with three kids. We didn't let that stop us though... we continued packing and were out the door by 10 am. We drove to our favorite coffee stop and began the two hour drive to Seward. We cranked up the radio and didn't stop until we got there.

This is our adventure, it's our routine and we love it.

I can't believe that this was day one! We managed to make it to Seward in time to visit the Sea Life Center. It was amazing. We ventured through bird houses and witnessed the shear magnitude of the sea creatures who live around us everyday. And it was just day one. We will have to do another blog post to show you the best part.

Kris + Lauren Anchorage Alaska Lifestyle Photographer