10 Trendy Style Ideas for Men

Our clients ask us all the time what they should wear for photo sessions.  It's hard coordinating everyone, we get it! 

We tell our clients all the time that clothing can make or break your photos.  And many times, we find that our clients struggle with how to dress Dad. 

So we thought we'd put together a list of style ideas for men that can help with outfit choices for a photo session or just for any day!

1. Flannel and a Wooden Watch

Remember Kris's JORD watch? Now you can get them for 30% off for Amazon Prime Day!

They photograph so beautifully and are so well made.  Super trendy and come in so many varieties to go with any style.


2. Important principles of styling men

3. Which glasses fit your face shape?

4. For more dressiness (is that a word?)

5. Go for warm layers in the winter (great for us in Alaska or anywhere cold!)

6. The art of tucking in shirts

Article:  lifehack.org  // Image:  realmenrealstyle.com

7. Summer shoe rules (as photographers, we totally approve of these choices, even for sessions)

8. More about shoes (cause they're important!)

9. More winter ideas (because we live in Alaska)

10. And finally, a thirteen item wardrobe

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