Alyeska Alaska | Alaska Documentary Photographers

What an adventure! We had planned to travel north from Anchorage to a small town outside of Denali and camp in a cabin for the night. While planning our trip we came to the conclusion that we should instead visit Alyeska, a great Ski Chalet near Girdwood Ak (best home made ice cream...). It was their off season and we had been told of the excellent hiking and tram rides, needless to say we were very happy with the change of plans.

After we checked into our room the first order of business was a short hike (5 mile round trip) to the hand tram! Unfortunately Kris forgot our baby carrier and Searsha had to walk most of the way... It was well worth it! She loved it and so did we. It gave us a great opportunity to document her. 

After our hike we decided to lounge around the hotel, we enjoyed a nice dinner and were relieved to find that the hotel catered a movie and hot coco for the kids! It was a great treat.

Our second day was just as full as the first, this time we decided to avoid hiking due to the exhaustion of our three girls... (at least that is what we told ourselves.). So, instead, we opted for the tram ride up the mountain. We ate an amazing restaurant that featured spectacular views. It really felt like Alaska. Sitting atop a mountain watching the clouds role by as the water in the cook inlet motioned back and fourth. It was as if we were whisked away to another land. We felt like we were part of a studio Ghibili movie, all it lacked was a catbus or Totoro. It was a welcome change from the usual.

This was truly an excellent opportunity for us to document our family. The best part of this whole trip? It would definitely have to be the pool! We rarely get to see, or even use a pool here in Alaska.