Anchorage Family Photographer - "Fall is Coming: How to Create Fall Colors in Photoshop"

Fall is probably the busiest time for family photos in most of the country (not Alaska, though).  However, that doesn't mean you will always have those pretty fall-ish colors that you are hoping for.  But guess what?  We can fake those colors in Photoshop!  Follow the steps below to find out a really quick and easy way to get those rich golden colors.

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1. Make Initial Adjustments

Open your image in ACR and make initial exposure/white balance adjustments.  This is very important because when we start adjusting the colors, we need our subject to look well exposed and we need our white balance to be on point.  Ideally, these things should be correct straight out of camera!  You can also adjust contrast as needed.  Basically, edit like you normally would first.  Just don't skip this part!

2. Color Adjustments

After you've made your initial adjustments, open your image into Photoshop.  Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Channel Mixer.  Under the Output Channel, select the Red channel.  Then move the Red slider anywhere from -15 to -10, move the Green slider anywhere from +150 to +185, then move the Blue slider anywhere from -80 to -55.  It will look weird at this point.  Change your layer blending mode from Normal to Lighten. 

3. Finishing Touches

Then at this point you can make necessary adjustments in your Channel Mixer sliders to see what looks best. 

Keep in mind that the numbers above are just a guideline...every image is different and no one number works best for every image!  So use your creative eye to adjust. 

Another way to adjust (if you feel like the effect is too strong) it to adjust the layer opacity.  That will take you from a golden tone to more of a subtle yellow tone.  It is totally up to you to decide what looks best!

That's it!  It's just a simple, quick way to add fall into your photos.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this tutorial!  Be sure to check back soon for more helpful articles or check out our tutorial on dealing with indoor harsh light.


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