Staging Your Home? Make It Picture-Perfect

Do you ever wonder why people in the real estate industry refer to “home staging” as

often as they do? It is because, as a seller, you are basically setting the scene for potential

buyers – and the importance of this cannot be understated. You have a lot of creative

license, but you want to send the right message to the people who see your masterpiece.

Is this going to be a walk-through that makes buyers' imaginations run wild, or a boring

tromp through someone else’s life and stuff? You have the power to decide. With the

keys to great home staging within your grasp, you can create a home stage that is more

than worthy of the name.


Set the Stage

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” People may have had no idea what a true

statement that could be until they started selling their homes on the Internet. When you

list your home, the pictures go online for people to find in their search for a home. This is

where your home staging may be judged far and wide by the people looking for a new

place to live. If you aim to make your home a stage wherein other people can become the

players in every way, you are more likely to succeed in your goal of a quick sale at a

good price.

Get Rid of Distractions

One of the first things you realize in the staging process is that a cluttered stage is a

hazard. It is also a major distraction from the positively defining features of your home.

People with experience might interpret distractions as “clutter,” but you should know that

clutter means different things to different people. What seems like an engaging collection

to one person is a literal nightmare to others. The trick, in most cases, is to eliminate as

much as you can without simply emptying each room. Aim to give the home plenty of

open space, because that will help to make it seem larger. Avoid setting out personal

items, and focus on thinning out anything that makes a room feel too busy.

Increase Space

One way to make a space feel bigger is to actually increase the available space. You

might feel guilty about getting rid of Aunt Marge’s gigantic armoire that has sat in your

living room untouched for 10 years, but keeping things in the home for emotional reasons

does not help to create an imaginary living space for buyers. Ask yourself a lot of

questions about the items in each room, and remove for storage everything that does not

fulfill a vital and pleasant purpose for the sale. Cut down on large pieces of furniture,

favoring instead smaller beds, open chairs and side tables instead of heavy ottomans.

Go for a Clean Look

You can pick a theme, but overall, the sense that buyers want to get from your home is

that it is clean and fresh. This means more than just making sure the space is spotless and

well-kept, of course. Whenever you sell an existing home, you are probably competing

against new construction. As such, you should put in the effort to make your home feel

newer. Repair anything that is obviously broken or in disrepair, and add a fresh coat of

paint everywhere. Replace the carpets if they are not new, and pay to have hard surfaces

cleaned professionally.


Improve Lighting

No one wants to buy what they cannot see, so you need to confirm that every space in the

home has adequate lighting. Put in at least two lighting sources for each room, and more

for a great room. Install light sources in all closets, pantries and in the garage. If you have

a delightful home exterior, invest in some outdoor lighting that will show off the most

beautiful aspects of the property at night. Maximize the natural lighting of the home by

using lighter window dressings.

Take Excellent Photography

Your real estate agent is a practical resource for ideas, but a professional photographer

experienced in taking pictures for home sales is also invaluable. Today's home buyers

see!pictures online before viewing the home in person in nearly every instance. They may

also conclude that anyone who does not invest in good photography is not particularly

interested in getting their business. Since the online photos may be the only shot you have

at reaching most potential buyers, this is not the time to take a few pictures with a

smartphone and call it a day. Find a photographer and get recommendations about

lighting, design and even landscaping before you execute your staging plans. You will be

glad you did.

A home with beautiful staging does not need a ton of money or months to prepare. With

the right ideas in mind and wonderful pictures, you can show your home’s very best and

impress buyers much more quickly.


This is a guest post written by Ryan Tollefsen. We want to thank Ryan for his contribution to our blog. He has provided us with some great tips for staging our home. We have included his contact information below!


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