Winter hideaway | Anchorage Alaska

Our favorite winter spot, our favorite get away from the cold - The Anchorage Museum

The girls found the polar bear exhibit to be particularly entertaining. We spent a while observing their feathers and soaking in the shear creativity they brought with them. 

They enjoyed exploring the different floors and exhibits, the sat anywhere they could to rest and soak in what they had just seen or experienced. They oooo'd at interesting paintings and ahh'd at at massive sculptures. This trip was a  boost to our creative juices.

Next we walked through the Art of Fandom. It. Was. Amazing. We would have had more pictures through this area but lets just say it was a busy day for security... Our favorite (not pictured)  display goes to the Game of Thrones section... Hands down it was amazing.

Next we explored the girls favorite place... the children's museum. They had a blast! The have expanded this area quite a bit from the last time we visited a year earlier. They played with bubbles, stared down a snapping turtle and so much more.

We rounded out our adventure with a meal at the Muse Cafe.... We have had a great day.