Winter in Alaska, harsh realities.

We have had the best experiences living in Americas last frontier. We have explored glaciers, traversed hidden paths and confronted bear and moose. We haven taken to the open ocean to bare witness to the wildlife under the water and bused through Denali national park. We have walked across a frozen lake to admire a fleeting glacier in 10 degree weather and have explored natural ice caves. These experiences will forever shape the way we view the world. These adventures will serve as nostalgic memories of the Last Frontier. The one thing that we have come to realize is that Alaska's winters are the true challenge to living in this great place. 

The harsh day and night cycles have proven to be a test of our ability to remain creative and have tested our patience and sanity. With the shorter days we have noticed our moods shifting and our love of the land waning. It is the spring and summer that we crave... Its the warmth and bright sun that we want... 

But its not all bad! We feel that we have to push ourselves to pick up our cameras and flex our creative muscles.... We feel like the cold weather and dreary days saps us of our creative juices... But we will persevere... and our kids will make sure we stay sane! Its these three that will make sure we stay creative. Its when they are around that we know our place.