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summer sand dunes and the faint whisper of fall's cool air. new mexico... we miss you. | traveling photographer

it's this time of year that we are traversing through the extensive number of photos that have graced our hard drive. we have so many images to go through... so many fond memories to remember and re-imagine... a video that looms, awaiting its completion. today it is the sand dunes.  today it is alamogordo 's white sand dunes to be more specific.

Skyley Sage: traveler of unfamiliar lands and doer of all things exciting.

this is the image that shows what we find most important about our visit.... exploration.  this is the word that describes this image and our trip to the national white sands in NM. the soft feel of the sand, the vast views of the horizon and the warm embrace of the sun. an epic display of the creativity that can be found when one is willing to look. 

Saylor Rayne: temptress of rules and feral child.

we were merely observers in this child's experience of the dunes. to her, the sand was a giant play box awaiting her discovery. we would not have been surprised if she had come across some lost relic or buried treasure. this little dallas-ite took to the sands like the grains themselves to the wind.

Searsha Capri: bringer of feels and worry wart.

it's no surprise to us that this one was not very enthused by granules of sand that made their way in between her toes and laced in with her wispy hair.  for us this adventure for her was about new environments and cheeky grins, both of which we obtained.

our summer video will be slugging its way along soon...