Summer in Alaska | Our traveling camera.

Why do we have this need to travel, to explore and experience a walk of life less ventured? Is it our millennial mindset? Or our drive to escape the life we have seen our parents live? Lauren and I seem to think that we are innate travelers. We are modern day gypsies. Our feeling of a home is not in any one location, that feeling comes from those we surround ourselves with. Lauren is my home, our children provide us a feeling of being home. Every new place we come upon provides us a high, one that drives us to explore more and one that drives us to create more.

Our daily documentation of our life will serve as a reminder to us in our older ages. A reminder that we had the courage to move, the courage to break off from the traditional. A type of courage we hope to instill in our children. As for this adventure? This is Denali in Alaska... a momentous occasion for us to witness and be a part of.

We cannot say enough about the weather in Alaska. The rainbows are so vibrant and majestic. Saylor, our 4 year old claims that they are the result of a unicorn using its horn to create a display for her to imagine and dream in. 

Lauren's parents flew up from Texas to joins us in Denali. We spent the day exploring the park, viewing wildlife and skipping rocks along the Toklak river. We toured through the park on a big green bus stopping for elk and bears along the way. The amount of nature and wildlife was astounding. It was an honor to be in the presence of so many wild animals, living in their natural habitats. It's easy to understand why Denali, Alaska is on so many individual's bucket lists. It was an amazing oppurtunity to photograph and document. 

Kristopher and Lauren, Anchorage, Alaska Photographer.