"Where do I start?" Session


"I love taking pictures, now what?!?!"...whether you're starting a business or just a beginner or even a mom or dad wanting to capture your children beautifully, learning your camera is hard and can be extremely overwhelming. This isn't your average auto to manual mentorship. 

This offering includes a six week course with one PDF per week armed with our secret ingredient to perfect exposure followed by a thirty minute online meeting for feedback and critique on your assignment and to reflect on the material.  You will learn the exposure triangle (aperture, ISO, shutter speed), focus, metering, and some beginner compositional techniques.  We will also cover our secret weapon for understanding and nailing exposure every time.

Portfolio review/Critique


Email us links to your work and/or website or choose fifteen to twenty of your favorite images and we'll give you some feedback in the form of a PDF followed by a one hour online meeting to discuss your portfolio along with q+a.

one-on-one q+a session


Topic is up to you - Business (Strategies), Marketing, Technical (Lighting, Manual Mode, Composition), Shooting Style, etc.  A simple one and a half online q+a option for both the brand-new photographer, and those looking to take their business to the next level.
If you need some help and advice to get your business up and running, we can also cover some "planning": goal setting, pricing, and branding.